What's It Like Driving for Tidewater?

Company Connections

Working at Tidewater is all about connections. We value face to face interactions with all of our staff members, from dispatchers to executives to drivers.

When we hire you, we bring you out to meet the whole team face to face. You’ll learn the ins and outs of our company. You’ll be treated like a person, not a number. 

What Our Drivers Are Saying


"I have been with Tidewater for 11 years. I like the family environment Tidewater has with its employees. I also enjoy the equipment, pay and home time. Tidewater is a great company to work for."
Kenneth Tucker
Kenneth Tucker
Dalton, GA
"I really enjoy what I do. Tidewater has taken an interest in ME, and I'm able to do certain things with my family because of them."
Errol B
ERROL Graham
Driver Trainer
"My experience here has been great! The professional, but, Family like atmosphere makes it a great place to be employed. I’ve been to several different terminals and it seems to be a company wide atmosphere. Tidewater has good working equipment, has a very responsive shop and keeps its drivers in newer Tractors. All in all, I would have to give my time here 5 stars, and look forward to many more years here."
John Brazeal

frequently asked questions

We focus on hands-on training. When you decide to work with us, we bring you to the corporate office. You meet everyone from dispatch to executives to the billing department. That means you’ll always have a face to a name.

Then, you’ll train in liquid and dry bulk for about 5 days with our world-class driver instructors.

Yes, there is opportunity for advancement with every position. Our employees learn the ins and outs of our entire business. That allows us to promote internally whenever possible.

If you have a comment, question, or concern while working for Tidewater, you won’t talk to a computer. You’ll talk to a person who cares. Our executive and management teams will be there to support you and solve your problems.

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